Recipe for Hygge



Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark
30 mins

About the tour

Hygge (pronounced "hoo-gah") requires fat, sugar, alcohol, candles and friends. Hygge is to the Danes what chic is to the French. It's the coming together over a flickering candlelight with some frikadeller (meatballs) and cake. It's so much part of the national psyche that the Danes are Europe's biggest consumers of candles, burning their way through about 6 kgs (13 lbs) per person every year. You can 'hygge' all year round too - minus the candles in summer. Your storytelling and gourmet guide, Heather, will lead you on a quest to find some summer hygge – pondering the whys and wherefores of this global phenomenon. She'll also explore the origins of Danish food, drink and New Nordic Cuisine. You’ll be surprised, amused and probably very hungry by the end of the tour, so get the coffee brewed and watch out for the recipe on our Facebook page. You'll need something to savour as you wander through the cobbled streets of olde Copenhagen, over the ‘Kissing Bridge’, and into the Instagrammable heart of Copenhagen – Nyhavn. This picturesque canal side area, once home to Hans Christian Andersen is still full of nautical charm, the smell of good cooking in the air and oozing oodles of authentic hygge vibes.

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We call Heather a guide but she has so many skills it feels like a single label isn't enough. It’d be more accurate to call her a guide, storyteller, journalist, artist, historian and novelist. But then that would be a long title… Packing her personality and the colourful history of Denmark all into one live-stream can only mean a boatful of fun and entertainment. Join her as she shares her love of Copenhagen and her infectious humour with you!

Heather has been guiding since Jul 2012

What to expect

Get ready for something special. We're travelling to Copenhagen with no passport, no plane ticket and no luggage. And yet you'll experience all the sights, sounds and stories with just your laptop, favorite snack and amazing guide.

The tour will last about 30 mins and will be live-streamed by your guide directly from Copenhagen. Forget about slideshows or pre-recorded videos, this is a live broadcast and anything can happen!

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Reviews from travellers


10 November 2020

Hello! This tour was fabulous, and Heather was terrific! I have been to Copenhagen and love that city! It is just like being there, and I love the fact that it is an actual walking tour in real time. I also love that Heather and others end their respective tours with a nice panoramic scene! Thank you!! :)


09 November 2020

Tours with Heather seem to be plagued with tec . problems . She no sooner gets going wth her witty and relaxed commentary when picture and sound is lost. Is there a solution Copenhagen is such a lovely city and Heather brings it to life.

Reply from Virtualtrips
Hi Derek, Thank you for your lovely feedback and patience despite the technical difficulties. Indeed, we've had issues with Copenhagen lately and we’re sorry the tour didn’t go as plan and impacted your experience with us. We are working hard behind the scene to make sure this doesn’t normally happen. Unfortunately issues with the signal or the weather are sometimes out of our control. We hope you can join us on another tour sometime soon!


08 November 2020

Very natural story (history) telling about this beautiful city of Copenhagen. Heather is a born entertainer. I’ll be back for more.


08 November 2020

I love your intimate, clever travel shows - now , any other smart travel shows are smart and boring, but in yours, we are right there chatting with you, hepping you on when the technicals go funny - all your anecdotes and snippets of history , and have a chance to chat with you and even get to know the others too - And you are so beautiful it is a pleasure to have the camera on resting on you too! Holly of course thinks she is running it all! Delightful! do mot change a thing! love Heather Other


08 November 2020

amazing tour!!! will be back next time for sure

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