The Royal Centre of Berlin Through the Change of Time



Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany
45 mins

About the tour

Berlin is a city of change in very many ways and we will see how much it has changed from its humble beginnings till today on this tour. We will start at Alexanderplatz where the old and the new form a brilliant mixture of stories, eras and history with the old St. Mary ́s church, the Red Town Hall and the TV tower. From here we will head into the Nikolai quartier which is a picture of the old Berlin like it never really existed and a touch of socialist realism. Ever thought that cold war propaganda and cobble stone streets have something in common? You will see. We finish our tour in the old Royal Centre of Berlin where we still find some old remains from the times when the Prussian kings and emperors ruled half of Europe and from where the downfall of that empire was orchestrated. And of course it is only fit that where the royals once were the communists would set up their own government. Again the jigsaw puzzle that is Berlin today will leave you amused and stunned.

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Arja has worked for over 13 years as a full time tour guide in Berlin and all around Europe. She is a studied historian and passionate about all the big and small stories surrounding this beautiful city she calls home. Born and raised in Northwestern Germany she came to Berlin after finishing university in Hamburg with a Masters degree in history and American literature and having travelled the world for 4 years. With her family roots in the city she always felt drawn to the multitude of layers of life you can find in Berlin starting with her own family story. Telling stories is what she loves and meeting people from all over the world is the next best thing to travelling the world herself.

Arja has been guiding since Mar 2007

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Reviews from travellers

Di H.

25 January 2021

Arja's tours are fantastic! Love her knowledge combined with her engaging personality. (Also adore Lulu! 💕)

Maria C.

22 January 2021

Hi Arja, love your tours, full of info and great insights. Usually your camera action is very good but today was too fast, off centre viewing (either too high or too low). It was frustrating as I couldn’t take a good postcard of almost anything. I’ll see if I can find this tour again to complement my visual mementos. Thank you! Take care of you and Lulu.

Cynthia W.

22 January 2021

Another great tour. Arja always gives you more and goes the extra mile to show you everything.

Melodee C.

22 January 2021

I learned so much about an area we were in a few years ago. Arja is a terrific guide.

Sibylle F.

22 January 2021

Arja conducts an entertaining tour in a delightfully originated way .

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