Tempelhof Airport – a Nazi Airport in Cold War Times



Tempelhof Airport, Berlin, Germany
45 mins

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Everything that the Nazis did needed to be extraordinary and the biggest in the world. Even though their heads were usually bigger than reality, sometimes they succeeded in their efforts. Tempelhof airport is one of these success stories given that it became the biggest airport area wise in the whole world in the 1930s. Like so many other projects the Nazis started it never really got finished but it looked impressive enough. After the war was over Tempelhof came to play a crucial role in the 1948/49 air lift to supply Western Berlin during the Russian blockade. Being located in the American sector the most centrally located of all airports in Berlin was one of the life lines in and out of Berlin not only for the allies but also for the Berliners. But what was big in the 1930s certainly would not fit the standards anymore for the big new planes of the 1990s and beyond, and so in 2008 the last flight took off from Tempelhof and the airport was shut down. After a long and heated debated a public referendum decided to turn the airfield into a huge recreation area for Berliners to enjoy. Let´s take a walk around the airport (once you come to Berlin also take an inside tour) and the airfield and hear all the stories about it.

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Arja has worked for over 13 years as a full time tour guide in Berlin and all around Europe. She is a studied historian and passionate about all the big and small stories surrounding this beautiful city she calls home. Born and raised in Northwestern Germany she came to Berlin after finishing university in Hamburg with a Masters degree in history and American literature and having travelled the world for 4 years. With her family roots in the city she always felt drawn to the multitude of layers of life you can find in Berlin starting with her own family story. Telling stories is what she loves and meeting people from all over the world is the next best thing to travelling the world herself.

Arja has been guiding since Mar 2007

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Reviews from travellers

cee p.

15 January 2021

Arja is a great guide!

Judith F.

15 January 2021

Interesting building and history of Templehof Airport. A few technical difficulties but Arja coped well

Marius T.

15 January 2021

Arja presented us one of the few architectural works of Albert Speer. A semi-circular building with elongated rectangular windows, having direct access by rail and auto. Quite a remarkable design!

Teresa B.

14 January 2021

Great tour

Jill H.

14 January 2021

Fascinating tour. Yet another guide with superb English. Thank you

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